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No. 4 Internet user experience

When did you use the Internet for the first time?

Base: All respondents, weighted column percentages
Question: A10
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

It is interesting to observe the diversity of patterns across the different countries in terms of experience of online usage. Firstly, it is possible to highlight a group of leading and more sophisticated countries which register a high share of experienced users (e.g. those with two years plus online tenure, and who have accessed the Internet at least once in the last four weeks). These countries are Denmark, Sweden, Finland, which register similar or even higher rates than the US. Secondly, there is a group of countries with high intermediate levels of experienced users, which in the graph includes the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, Ireland, Estonia (again the leader in the NAS), Luxembourg, Belgium and Slovenia. These are countries that register between 50% and 30% of experienced online users among their population. Thirdly, it is possible to highlight countries, mainly Mediterranean and candidate countries, with less than 30% users with two years plus online tenure.

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