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No. 6 Intensity of online usage

How much time do you spend in a typical week on using the Internet?

Base: All respondents, weighted column percentages
Questions: A9
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

The pattern of weekly average time spent online at home seems to bring different levels of online intensity of use, which have been classified as low, medium, and high according to the weekly average time online users spent from any location. Across all the European countries surveyed, users in more mature online countries spend longer sessions using the Internet. In the US, Denmark, and Sweden over 50% of the population spend longer than one hour per week online, and about 20% of them spend 6 hours per week using the Internet (much higher than in Mediterranean countries and even higher in most of the candidate countries). An additional important factor to consider, when comparing time spent patterns online across the EU and the NAS, is that unmetered at-home connection rates are not currently available in all European markets, and having a flat-rate connection or a pay-per call connection, or a broadband or narrowband connection undoubtedly influences the time and the experience that users can have online (broadband users can watch a video online whereas for a narrowband user, just the mere fact of checking e-mail can be slow and painful).

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