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No. 42 AWAI - Adaptability of work arrangements index

AWAI subindex values and country rankings

Base: All persons employed
Questions: 2002: IN6, A1, A7, G4, G5, G6
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, Community Labour Force Survey, European Survey on Working conditions, European Continuing Vocational Training Survey, OECD

Some countries, such as the UK and Ireland, get a higher score on the company-centred index than on the worker-centred index . This might imply that in these EU Member States, flexibility on labour markets seems to benefit mainly employers. On the other hand there are countries like Austria, Italy and Luxembourg, where flexibility on labour markets seems to be distributed in favour of workers, while companies may be in need of a more flexible regulatory environment (or make better use of the potential for flexibility that is already existing). The Nordic countries and the Netherlands stand out as scoring high on both indices. These Member States seem to come closest to reaching the aims of the European Employment Policy, in which the need for both worker- and company-centred adaptability is very much emphasised.

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