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No. 69 Participation of labour force in lifelong learning

Share of employed population who participate in work-related training provided by employer or other organisations

Base: Labour force, weighted column percentages
Questions: C2, C9b
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

This data is based on a questionnaire module which asks respondents whether they have participated in training in the preceding four weeks. The module focuses on work-related training only, and was put to workers with a contract of employment as well as to the self-employed and the unemployed. Results show marked differences between countries, with the US, Finland, and Sweden as the only countries where more than 30% of the labour force where involved in work-related training provided either by their company or by some other organisation. The Netherlands and Denmark follow next, while in Portugal and Greece less than 15% of the labour force participate in this type of lifelong learning. In the Newly Associated States the average is 10%, with rates in Bulgaria and Romania as low as 4% to 5%.

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