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No. 77 Digital divide by European countries in time

Digital divide in countries in time (s-distance): How many months earlier was the level of selected categories in April 2002 attained by average country Internet usage

Bases: 1997, 2000: N=15,900, weighted by standard Eurobarometer country and EU-15 weights; 2002: all respondents
Questions: 2002: IN1, IN3, Z19, Z21
Sources: 1997: Eurobarometer 47.0, Jan-Feb 1997; 2000: Eurobarometer 54, Oct-Nov 2000; 2002: SIBIS GPS 2002

Digital divide patterns expressed in time distances for total Internet usage in the separate EU Member States lead to similar conclusions with some variation. In all cases the gender gap is the smallest by far and the time distance is again the largest for the low education group, with the exception of Austria and Spain. Germany and Austria show the smallest average value of time distances for the four groups analysed. The difference between Internet usage for the age group 50+ and that of low income (lowest quartile) was clear for the EU-15 average, but this was not so for several countries. For Greece, France, Belgium, and Austria the time distance is slightly larger for the older age group than for the low-income group. For other countries the general tendency prevails, but the difference is small for Finland, Sweden and Germany.

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