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No. 82 Impact of being connected to the Internet on social integration

What would it mean, if the country would not be connected to the Internet: would you say that you would feel socially excluded?

Base: Regular Internet users
Questions: B5b
Source: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

One way of assessing the impact of being connected to the Internet on individuals' perception of feeling socially included is by assessing the hypothetical situation of non availability of the Internet to the current users. Especially the users in the NAS perceive social networking benefits of the Internet to be valuable and something that they would hardly want to miss. Also in the EU a significant share of the current users (one-in-five) would have felt socially excluded at least to some extent were their access removed from them, although somewhat higher rates might have been expected in some more mature information societies.

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