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No. 1 Internet connections by age

Internet access connections by age groups in EU-15

Internet access connections by age groups in NAS-10

Base: All respondents, weighted column percentages
Questions: A5, A11a, A11b
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Looking at Internet connections at home according to age groups, SIBIS results indicate that people in the age groups “up to 24” and “25 to 49” show higher adoption rates of both high speed and low speed at-home Internet connections. Although the share of at-home Internet connections in the NAS is in general much lower than in EU-15, the tendency of higher adoption rates in the first two age groups can also be observed. This tendency correlates well with other indicators. For example, the young are also more likely to migrate from lower speed to higher speed connections, and are traditionally described as early technology adopters. It is also the young who tend to be more interested in downloading digital media, and therefore they show a much larger interest in upgrading to broadband.

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