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No. 2 Migrators snapshot

Internet usage, experience of online usage and migration to faster connection types than dial-up modem

Base: All respondents, weighted column percentages
Questions: A7, A8
Base: Internet users, weighted column percentages; Migrators: NAS data not available
Questions: A7, A8, A10; Migrators: A12
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Traditionally two factors have influenced when Internet users migrate to a faster connection. Based on the experiences of the US and Nordic markets, it has been noted that once the majority of a total population has Internet access, there is a migration of users with tenure, commonly defined as those with two years or more Internet experience, to faster connections. They seek a better online experience, e.g. quicker downloads and always on connections. The clustering of the US, Sweden, Finland and Denmark illustrates this. Not only do they have relatively high percentages of regular (those who access the Internet at least once in the last four weeks) and tenure experienced Internet users, but the size of the group with faster connections than dial-up is large too. In comparison, there is a clear second cluster of countries where this migration level is lower.

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