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No. 18 Barriers to information security in European organisations

How important are the following factors as barriers to effective information security?

Base: Establishments with online presence, weighted column percentages
Question: D8
Source: SIBIS DMS 2002

Respondents in the SIBIS survey were questioned on how factors like cost, time, training & staff co-operation may be viewed as barriers for better information security. Both lack of staff training and lack of staff time are mentioned as very important barriers by one third of all EU7 establishments (with web presence). But for the other barriers as well, a large share of organisations considers them as important factors across all countries, although in Southern Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain) employee co-operation seems to be most difficult to achieve. It is very likely that, in the future, harms deriving from IT security breaches will significantly affect business performance if barriers can not be much reduced.

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