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No. 20 eCommerce across age groups

eCommerce users differentiated by age groups

Base: All respondents, weighted column percentages
Questions: IN1, B1
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

The eCommerce consumer market consists of an increasingly diverse spectrum of users, and provide interesting reading if classified by gender, age, income and education. Within these taxonomies one of the most dynamic group of eCommerce users is the 25-49 age class. They represent a driving force of eCommerce users across the EU. In the EU, this age group (28% of it are eCommerce users) is by now as or more likely to be eCommerce users than the Internet pioneering younger age group (25%). Only about 5% in the majority of the NAS countries are e-commerce users at all. Here as well, the most important market segment is the 25-49 age group. With eCommerce participants, differences also exist across gender (although this is closing) and employment status. There is actually surprisingly limited differential between employed and those in education (27% and 28% of either are eCommerce users). The unemployed (17%) are about 60% as likely to be users as those in employment, and even more significant differences do exist between these groups and those who are retired (6%).

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