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No. 30 Employee participation in decision making

Share of employed population who participate in decisions relating to changes in work organisation

Base: Employed population
Source: ESWCs 2000

Worker participation in decision-making in the EU can be analysed using data from the European Survey on Working Conditions (ESWCs) which was last carried out in 2000. Participation is here defined as being able to discuss changes in work organisation with the superior. This practice is quite common already in most of the EU, with more than three quarters of Dutch, Finnish and Danish workers claiming they can discuss changes to the organisation of their work with their superiors, against less than 40% in Greece and Portugal. The countries with a high degree of worker participation appear to be those which have a long tradition in attempts to involve workers in company decisions (which has often been an explicit policy goal of these countries’ governments), and those which have a higher than average share of the labour force in the services sector.

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