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No. 29 Access to ICTs at the workplace

Share of establishments giving the majority of their office staff access to selected ICTs

Base: All establishments, weighted column percentages
Questions: B11, B12, B13
Source: SIBIS DMS 2002

EU companies are important providers of ICT skills. Workers acquire know-how by using ICT applications as working tools. An indicator capturing this is the share of businesses which give their staff access to ICTs at the working place. SIBIS data shows that between 40% (Greece) and 91% (Finland) of EU employment is in companies which grant their staff free access to the Internet. The commitment with which Finnish companies let their employees use e-mail and surf the net can be assumed to be one reason for the success of the country in the European information economy. Other EU countries are catching up, though: In Germany, the figure for businesses providing workplaces with Internet access has almost tripled in the last 3 years, from 24% in 1999 to 65% in 2002.

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