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No. 33 Home-based teleworking

Share of employed population who spend at least one full working day per week/ who spend less time teleworking from home

Base: All persons employed, weighted column percentages
Questions: E1, E3, E4
Source: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Seven percent of the EU-15 working population are teleworking from home presently, at least part of their working time. This average masks big differences between Member States, with the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries well ahead of the rest of the EU, and about on par with the US. This indicator includes all types of home-based telework with the exception of self-employed freelancers in SOHOs. Numbers for permanent or alternating home-based teleworking (spending all or at least one working day per week at home, respectively) are much smaller, because most teleworkers still spend the majority of their working hours at a central office. Among the candidate countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Estonia and Lithuania have a share of home-based teleworkers which is above the EU average.

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