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No. 38 Mobile teleworking

Share of employed population who practise mobile teleworking

Base: All persons employed, weighted column percentages
Questions: F1, F2
Source: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

SIBIS defines mobile teleworkers as those who spend 10 hours per week or more away from their home and their main place of work, e.g. on business trips, travelling or on customer's premises, and make use of online connections while doing so. 15% of the EU workforce can be described as “mobile workers” (spending more than 10 working hours per week away from home and their main place of work) and 4% as mobile teleworkers. Shares are on average much lower in the Newly Associated States. The main purposes of mobile teleworkers to use online connections appears to be sending and reading e-mail, but three quarters each also browse the Internet and connect to their company’s internal computer system.

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