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No. 40 Self-employed teleworkers in SOHOs

Share of employed population who are self-employed, work from a home office, and use ICTs to cooperate with work contacts

Base: All persons employed, weighted column percentages
Questions: IN2, IN4, IN21, A1, E1, G1
Source: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

The self-employed, especially freelancers and other "own account self-employed", often work from a home base. By using ICTs for tele-cooperation with clients, collaborators and suppliers, many of such home workplaces have been turned into what are called SOHOs (small office - home office), i.e. ICT-enhanced workplaces for self-employed teleworkers. 3.4% of EU and 1.7% of NAS employment is by self-employed teleworkers in SOHOs. This equals 21% off all self-employed in the EU. Figures in the US are almost twice as high.

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