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No. 44 Preferences, availability and usage of Internet job search services

Would you prefer to use the Internet to search for jobs and is it possible to use it in the area you live and have you ever tried using it

Base: Regular Internet users, weighted column percentages
Questions: K1, K2, K3
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Public Employment Services over the Internet may improve the matching of supply of and demand for jobs by creating a common forum for all to use. Online job searching appears to be a well-accepted service. This is reflected in the high share of Internet users who would prefer to use the Internet for this purpose. However, there are some countries with notably weak preference for the Internet in this respect, in particular among the candidate countries, but also including Denmark and Portugal. This may be due to country differences in the way Public Employment Services organise their interface to the public, which implies a greater or lesser importance of online exchanges compared to face-to-face consultation and other traditional means of job-hunting.

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