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No. 52 Online or traditional access to government services in European countries, CH and US

Preference for public services: average numbers out of seven services

Base: Regular Internet users, weighted average numbers of services
Question: K1
Source: SIBIS GPS 2002. SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Externalities that vary from one EU Member State to the next may influence the demand of respondents for eGovernment, which means that differences in the preferred way of interacting with government that can be observed across the EU should not be overstated. Generally, respondents from the northern countries of Europe show above-average preference for interacting with government using the Internet. Finland has the highest figure. Overall, respondents from EU countries prefer to use the Internet for an average of almost three of the seven services listed. Romania shows a very high ranking and scores well above the average of the NAS countries, availability and usage of those services is however low. It shows that the regular Internet users in Romania are very willing and enthusiastic about the possibilities the Internet can create for them in the future.

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