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No. 71 Recent participation in any learning

Share of employed population who participate in any work-related training or self-learning

Base: Labour force, weighted column percentages
Questions: C2, C9b, C14a, C14b
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

A significant share of the labour force are participating in work-related lifelong learning, which includes both self-directed learning and training provided by third parties such as employers, unions and pubic employment services. While not giving any information on the type, intensity and field of these activities, the data show that a high percentage of workers is in the process of preparing for the adaptation of skills to the fast-changing requirements which are a key feature of the Information Society. More than half of the labour force in Finland, Germany, the US, Austria and Luxembourg have updated or extended their work-related skills in the four weeks preceding the survey. Even in the EU countries with the lowest spread of work-related learning activities, between one fifth and a quarter have done so. It seems that the Newly Associated States need to catch up on this indicator since their average is below the EU country with the lowest share (Greece).

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