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No. 75 Education Divide Index

Education divide index

Bases: 1997, 2000: N=15,900, weighted by standard Eurobarometer country and EU-15 weights; 2002, 2003: all respondents, weighted percentages
Questions: 2002, 2003: IN3
Sources: 1997: Eurobarometer 47.0, Jan-Feb 1997; 2000: Eurobarometer 54, Oct-Nov 2000; 2002: SIBIS GPS 2002; 2003: SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

The education divide, depicting the gap in the participation rate for the group with relatively lowest level of education (i.e. comprised of those who have left their formal education early) has been identified as the most sizeable at the EU level. The situation at the national level suggests that while progress can, and has been made (e.g. most notably Austria, but also Germany and Ireland) this divide is set to remain one of the most relevant policy challenges at national level. NAS countries are seriously lagging behind in this regard. On the other hand, low values even in apparently advanced information society countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark) point towards societal challenges but the findings (i.e. index values) are partly attributable to the smaller size of the low education groups in these countries (the correlation between population share of low education group and Education Divide Index being low (r=-.117 for 2002/03), though).

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