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No. 26 eCommerce typology for establishments

Share of establishments according to eCommerce typology

Base: All establishments, weighted column percentages
Questions: B1, B2, B5, B6, C1, C2, C9, C20
Source: SIBIS DMS 2002

SIBIS developed a classification for enterprises, based on the type of transactions they carry out over the Internet and the type of ICT services they employ (eCommerce typology ). The typology starts from the most elementary use of ICT (Basic online, i.e. the use of e-mail) and defines all stages of development culminating in the most sophisticated type, that of all round eCommerce. An all rounder is an organisation that carries out web marketing, online sales and Closed Network Business Integration (based on the use of extranets and/ or EDI). This classification is useful to map the stage of development of Business-to-Business by country or by sector.

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