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No. 28 Development of B2C eCommerce (DBC)

DBC Synthetic indicator

Bases: Different, depending on sub-indices
Sources: Databank Consulting 2002

Using statistical tools within principal component analysis makes it possible to identify the variables that help explain the degree of electronic commerce diffusion in different countries, removing the need to make subjective estimations in understanding the extent of eCommerce across the EU. The calculated synthetic indicator DBC (Development of B2C eCommerce) has produced some interesting results. Nordic countries take the clear lead, with the UK’s position being favourable. Good Business-to-Consumer (B2C) performers are Luxembourg and the Netherlands, with Austria marking the mid-ranking position. France, Italy and Spain’s position within the third quarter of the ranking illustrates the compounding effects of limited infrastructure supporting consumer eCommerce activities, and cultural preferences of purchasing through sales channels other than the online route. Portugal and Greece’s show a considerable gap between their positions and the leading European countries in terms of B2C preparedness.

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