Statistical Indicators
Benchmarking the Information Society



SIBIS (Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society) is a project in the "Information Society Programme" of the European Commission (IST-2000-26276) running from January 2001 to June 2003.

SIBIS has taken up the challenge of developing innovative information society indicators to take account of the rapidly changing nature of modern societies and to enable the benchmarking of progress in EU Member States. These indicators will be tested and piloted in a representative survey in all EU member states. The SIBIS project is closely related to the eEurope and eEurope+ initiatives of the European Union and contributes to measuring the progress of eEurope actions covering all EC member states, Switzerland, the USA and 10 candidate countries.

SIBIS is a project for the definition and piloting of statistical indicators to be used for measuring and benchmarking important domains and issues of the Information Society. These will be based on real life, rich in information and can be easily used for informing policy and practice. SIBIS will produce an indicator system which unfolds and compares the state of development of European countries towards the Information Society, carry out an initial benchmarking based on this indicator system, and strongly support the development of policy in this field. As another key result, the survey results provide an unrivalled, unique and representative single source of reliable data on current and medium term aspects in the Information Society domains across the EU member states, Switzerland, the USA and 10 candidate countries ready for use by the project's target audience.


ASM Poland
University Galati
SPG Lithuania

SC&C Czechoslovak
BAS Bulgaria

EIE Estonia
University of Ljubijana