Statistical Indicators
Benchmarking the Information Society



Target Audience
The SIBIS project target audience is composed of policy makers, statistical offices at all levels (supranational and national), industry leaders and research experts throughout Europe. Effective dissemination activities among these target groups are an integral part of the project outline and included a number of workshops, presentations, publications etc. and a SIBIS website, all of which designed to

  • make public all methodological information and pilot survey results, in this connection striving for a very high degree of transparency of all relevant in-formation;
  • provide politicians and company decision makers who demand "more and more information, of higher and higher quality, faster and faster, more and more comparable" (cf. EPROS: An Overview. 28 March 2000, p. 6) with the information to more easily benchmark their performance against competitors;
  • familiarise organisations engaged in statistical work in Europe and beyond with the approach developed and taken for indicator and index development and the results achieved;
  • and encourage academic discussion about methodological and content issues.

SIBIS has and continues to actively involve the Official Statistics community with representatives from the European Commission, OECD, Eurostat and national statistical offices from different EU member states in its work. The objective of this involvement is to optimise the approach for compatibility with on-going indicator generation and to obtain feedback on the indicators developed as well as their measurement using existing official statistics and fresh data from the SIBIS and other surveys. The close involvement of these experts will contribute to paving the way for a use of the project results in the day-to-day work of the national and international statistical organisations they are associated with.