Statistical Indicators
Benchmarking the Information Society



SIBIS pocketbook 2002/03

Measuring the Information Society in the EU, the EU Accession Countries, Switzerland and the US (211 pp.) , 10.5 x 29.7 cm

SIBIS has developed a pocketbook of statistics which reflects the priorities and targets of the e-Europe initiative. It provides an easy-to-browse and use source of information on terms and statistical measures in SIBIS topic areas, which cover many of the new IST research areas funded under the Sixth Framework Program. This book is an original and comprehensive attempt at measuring the information society. Statistical indicators on the Information Society are central to the process of policy making across the EU and beyond. "Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society" was launched to develop and collect reliable and appropriate statistics previously unavailable in this field for all 15 EU Member States, 10 EU Acceding and Candidate Countries, Switzerland and the US.

Document name
SIBIS Pocketbook 2002/03
(Update August 2003, now including Corrigenda)
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Aug 2003
SIBIS Pocketbook 2002/03 Title
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Jun 2003
SIBIS Pocket Book 2002/03 Corrigenda (A4 duplex printing)
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Aug 2003
SIBIS Pocket Book 2002/03 Corrigenda (A4 normal printing)
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Aug 2003


For some years now statistical indicators on the Information Society have been central in the policy making process. This has been best demonstrated through the benchmarking exercise of the eEurope 2002 Action Plan, and its further inclusion as a key activity in eEurope 2005. Having recognised this need and driven by the difficulties in obtaining reliable and appropriate statistics, the IST programme supported a pan-European research effort during Framework Programme 5. The prime objective has been to develop and make available methodologies, tools and new statistical indicators which can help remedy the deficit in this field.

It is in this context that the SIBIS project was launched (IST-26276,“ Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society”, This document, “SIBIS Pocket Book 2002/03”, presents the project’s main indicators and statistics so far.

There are at least two main reasons that make this document interesting. First, it is one of the few original attempts to have a coherent and comprehensive approach in measuring the Information Society. As such it is expected to stimulate further debate and research among the professional statistical community, leading to an improved statistical competence in Europe. Second, it provides a unique single source of data in real time which supports many of the new IST research areas, at the launch of Framework Programme 6.

Building on the original SIBIS research, in particular on the results of the indicator surveys, the project has also produced 9 Topic Reports, selected from those addressed by eEurope.

The SIBIS work attracts further interest since it also supports the eEurope 2005 initiative. SIBIS is carrying out an evaluation and a benchmarking of the eEurope 2005 initiative for the 15 EU Member States and the 10 EU accession countries which will become available later in 2003. The “SIBIS Benchmarking Highlights 2002”, the Topic Reports and the “SIBIS Pocket Book 2002/03” can be obtained from the SIBIS website.

The publication of the SIBIS project results is a timely and direct contribution to benchmark progress on key issues of the information society in general and the eEurope initiative in particular.

Thanassis Chrissafis